Undocu-Indigenous Fund (August Update)

As of August 4, we have placed approximately $566,800 in the hands of Zapotec, Mixe, Chinanteco, Chatinos, Quiches, Kanjobales,  Akatekos, Maya Yucateco, Mam, Chontal Akatecos, Amuzgos, Nahuatl, and Totonacas as parts of the Undocumented Indigenous Fund. We were incredibly fortunate to have been able to share space and time with many, but due to the increase of COVID cases in indigenous communities has prompted a new stage in the distribution of funds.

We are incredibly grateful to the recipients of the Undocumented Indigenous Fund that agreed to share their stories. They are a reminder of the strength and perseverance during these unprecedented times.

Shushkrenlo to all the recipients for their trust in CIELO and our work. 

Video by Jon Endow
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