Financial Solidarity

CIELO is proud to give our guzuna to the Indigenous communities in Los Angeles. During this pandemic, many Indigenous people find themselves in precarious economic situations. We would like to thank the Indigenous community leaders that made this possible by helping us with the outreach to impacted households.

CIELO has provided multiple forms of financial solidarity to Indigenous communities in Los Angeles to respond to the housing and food insecurity that is currently being experienced. We have provided 1.7 million dollars in cash aid assistance through the Undocu-Indigenous Fund. We are also in partnership with World harvest to provide access to their food pantry free of charge. Additionally, last winter was were able to place 1.8 million dollars in gift cards in collaboration Lets feed la program.

Whether your community calls it guzuna or another name, our ancestral teachings are alive today, through hundreds of years of colonization, from our original homelands to Los Angeles, our communities will remain resilient, our traditions will give us strength and we will stand in solidarity with all our relatives.

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