CIELO creates substantive solutions to the social, economic and cultural challenges faced by the indigenous community. We work on language revitalization by creating new spaces of engagement with indigenous languages for younger generations. An example of this work was “Weaving Words and Rhymes” concert (March 2016) that promoted the use of indigenous languages and traditional art forms in rap and music. The inaugural event attracted over 200 people from a multi-generational indigenous community. CIELO also organized the first indigenous literature conference (July 2016) in Los Angeles as a form of creating a space in literature for languages to flourish. Over 300 people attended the two-day conference. As to our community work we have held various leadership-building workshops within the community. Our main objective for the workshops is to empower indigenous women to take a more active role in their families and communities. One of our most unique endeavors is our work with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to create a dialogue and awareness of indigenous communities residing in Los Angeles by conducting Cultural Awareness training with police officers.

We invite you to navigate our page to learn more about each event and program put together by the CIELO team.

– Janet Martinez

Director of Programs for CIELO

CIELO en Español
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