Cultural Programming

Learn more about CIELO cultural work:

Our languages are not dying, they are being killed.

– Yasnaya Elena Aguilar

Learn about CIELO’s language revitalization efforts

“Hay que escribir! a lo mejor poesía, novela… lo que sea, pero hay que escribir y en nuestras lenguas”

– Celerina Patricia Sanchez

Learn about CIELO’s Indigenous Literature Conference

Ku ya’ala’ale’ sa’ato’on tu yóok’ol kaaba‘
Dicen que desaparecemos en esta tierra
Ba’axe’ mix jaaji’
¿Qué creen? No es así

– Pat Boy

Learn about CIELO’s concert in Indigenous languages, Weaving words and Rhymes

To be Indigenous is to have a world and refuse to give it up

– Natalia Toledo

Learn about CIELO’s art workshop

CIELO en Español
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