Webinar:Urban Indigenous Communities share their experience

On May 13, CIELO hosted a panel of Indigenous leaders sharing their experience during the #covid19 epidemic. Juanita Cabrera Lopez from Mayan League a Maya Mam leader living in Washington D.C. shared the work that the Liga Maya has done in Washington D.C. Some of the work shared included videos about COVID-19 and their symptoms. Which you can find here:




Mary Jose Prudente the owner of Artesanias Mexicanas Metzli a Ña Saví living in New York City presented on the difficulties she faced in accessing health care or a test kit when she showed symptoms of the COVID-19. She also shared that many Indigenous people had no where to go for help, given that institutions like the Mexican consulate were closed. A form of resistance she shared was that many Na saví women in New York are recurring to traditional knowledge and medicine has been crucial during this pandemic. If you would like to support her as indigenous women entrepreneur , please check out her store at :


Odilia Romero, Co-Founder of Comunidades Indigenas en Liderazgo (CIELO) shared the work that CIELO is doing by providing funds to Indigenous communities affected by COVID-19 as well as developing language resources. To read our full report backs you can find them here:

We are extremely thankful to all the participants that signed up for the webinare as well as deeply grateful to the powerful women that shared their stories and resistance.

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